miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

My comic COKMAN

This is my comic his name is COKMAN i don't koow what i put this name for my comic but it's good i think. how you would see im a really bad painter but i hope you liked it

College life

My life in the college are really good because i have much fredom, when i was in the high school my were boring because in my high school you could'n say nothing, and in the college you say whatever you want and people can't say nothing about that. However i met a lotof people in the college and i like thet because i have a lot of friends now.

Final presentation (POD CASTING)

This our final presentencion about the fantastics four i hope you liked it.


I really like comics when i was a child my favorite comics were tom and jerry and Superman i still like them. The comics are good for children because they have a example of life with the comics and the children can play and wear like a superhero. When i was a kid i liked that and i think what all kids like that. this is my opinion about comics i hope you liked it.

lunes, 14 de julio de 2008


Top 10 Movies

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My opinion about Global Warming

I think that global warming is due to all at the moment but we have to start thinking about what it most likely that will happen is that they melt the polar icecaps and that both affect us as our children and we must be aware what we are doing because everybody thinks that land is going to destroy something a meteorite or anything else but in reality those who are going to destroy us and we must be aware of all this